Anna was pursuing her MBA at Stanford when she decided to follow her passion for e-commerce and retail. She interviewed over 150 companies and was shocked to discover that almost universally, the biggest problem these companies face is inventory management. Since then, she’s interviewed over a thousand planners, merchants, buyers, warehouse managers, COOs, and CEOs -- basically, any role related to inventory.

Her key takeaways were:

  1. Supply chain is needlessly fragmented with many handoffs between systems and too much time spent compiling data

  2. There was a big gap in planning - while people complained about their order management systems, their warehouse management systems or their 3PL, at least there was a system. However, when trying to answer the critical question of “How much inventory should I order?” all they had were Excel and Google Sheets

Anna knew that there must be a way to help the businesses she loved be more successful. She sought out a partner who had deep expertise in supply chain management and computer science. Through the Stanford alumni network, she met Rachel.

Rachel experienced the pain of inventory planning in Excel firsthand during her time managing inventory for several brands at Kiwi Crate. At Parasol Co, after surveying the market and finding no satisfactory solution, she went back to her software developer roots and worked with her tech team to build a custom inventory management system. She was determined to avoid the costly mistakes that occur when inventory is managed in hundreds of Excel sheets.

When Anna approached her to seek her input on the gap she’d observed in the market, Rachel was immediately on board. It made so much sense, and she felt passionate about building the product she would have wanted to use.

Rachel knew there was a perfect CTO for the job -- one who had a proven track record of being able to rapidly build products that could scale to millions of users. Excited by the idea and the impact she could have on the retail market, Bridget left her job at Google. And the rest is history.


Why we’re here

Technology has transformed the retail landscape, and e-commerce brands are on the cutting edge when it comes to marketing and design. But inventory management has been left by the wayside -- until now. We’re proud to be the team that our customers rely on to increase the accuracy and efficiency of their planning processes -- so that they focus on their business, not their inventory.