Inventory Planning, Simplified

Stop planning your inventory in Excel. Fuse’s reports and recommendations are powered by integrations with your eCommerce platform, warehouse, 3PL, ERP and accounting software, wholesalers, and more. Let us handle your inventory analytics so that you can focus on optimizing your supply chain and inventory strategy.


The Inventory Planning Solution for Fast-Growth Brands


Sales Forecasts & Reports On Demand

Fuse’s proprietary demand forecasting algorithms power forecasts that account for recent sales trends, seasonality, marketing promotions, and more.


Reduce Stockouts & Overstock

Get order recommendations tailored to your business needs. We’ll bubble up restocks and recommend order quantities based on your lead times, buy cycles, bundles, weeks on hand—you name it. 


Mission Control For Your Inventory

No more copy, paste, and pray. Know exactly how much inventory you have on hand and how you’ve been performing against your goals--without opening a single spreadsheet. 


I’ve been using Fuse since February 2017 and from day 1, I could tell that it was going to make a meaningful difference in our business. By centralizing our sales and inventory data, Fuse has given me the ability to make better data-driven decisions.
— Stacy Corona, Operations at LOLA

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