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Inventory planning went from something we dreaded to something to look forward to because we feel better prepared now. From the first time we saw our data in Fuse to today we continue to be grateful for the support and insight. It has changed our operations dramatically and eliminated some key inventory risks. We are very happy.

-Marilee Killpack, Founder
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Prior to using Fuse, Gathre was consistently stocking out of its SKUs. Because of lack of visibility into top selling SKUs, and the time required to analyze and prepare orders, Gathre couldn't make investments in inventory with confidence.


  • Typically restocking inventory only when all prior inventory has fully sold thru, resulting in consistent stockouts and lost sales
  • Inventory planning required too much commitment from the operations manager to give adequate time to forecasting
  • Long lead times created the need for precise planning, but the company was stuck doing basic analysis in Excel and Google sheets 


  • Easy-to-use interface created a central source of truth for all of Gathre’s sales, forecast, inventory and procurement data
  • Fuse algorithms created a robust demand forecasting model to replace clunky and inaccurate Excel and Google sheets
  • Intuitive user interface enables Gathre to make tweaks to the demand forecast that instantaneously flow through to their inventory buy and replenishment plan


  • Increased visibility into the business allowed Gathre to develop a proactive approach to planning inventory rather than being reactive
  • Dramatically increased accuracy of inventory buy and replenishment plan while minimizing the amount of time spent on planning and replenishing inventory
  • Replaced an operations hire by significantly reducing the amount of time need to plan and manage inventory
  • Reduced stockouts by 32% representing a 21% increased revenue opportunity


Dozens of SKUs
400% year-over-year revenue growth
3 month lead time


Prior to using Fuse, Gathre was using simple Excel spreadsheets to forecast demand and plan inventory. Because it had limited visibility into their best performing SKUs as well as limited accuracy in forecasting demand, the company wasn't able to make inventory investments confidently. As a result, Gathre was replenishing inventory when its top selling products were nearly sold out. Given a three month lead time, that meant Gathre was experiencing stockouts in almost all of its core products representing a missed sales opportunity of 21% of annual revenue.

With Fuse, Gathre not only has visibility into its top selling products ahed of time, but the company can also make proactive rather than reactive inventory investments. Previously, Gathre wasn't able to allocate significant time to forecasting demand and planning inventory. Fuse acts as an extension of Gather's operations team allowing the team to gain leverage, save time and plan more accurately without hiring additional staff. As Gathre grows and scales, Fuse will continue to scale with the compayn and support their business.