Smart Inventory Planning
for Digitally Native Brands

Say goodbye to that messy web of Excel sheets. Forecast and plan your inventory with Fuse, a cloud-based inventory planning solution that integrates with your eCommerce storefront, warehouses, 3PL, ERP and accounting software, wholesalers, and more to give you more visibility into your inventory than ever before.

Fuse is Mission Control for Your Inventory


Check Your Inventory Status Effortlessly

Get a bird’s eye view of everything you have in stock, then dive deep into specific SKUs. Know exactly how much product you have sitting and how you’ve been performing against your goals.


Generate Accurate Forecasts On Demand

Our proprietary algorithm uses statistics and predictive analytics to generate incredibly accurate forecasts, minimizing your losses from stockouts and overspend.


Place Orders With Peace of Mind

Fuse will flag urgent restocks, batch orders tailored to your buy cycles, and recommend order details based on variables like lead time, weeks on hand, velocity of sales, marketing promotions, and more.


Take Care of Every Detail

Prepare for new product launches, phase out last season’s merchandise, and merge duplicate SKUs with ease.

I’ve been using Fuse since February 2017 and from day 1, I could tell that it was going to make a meaningful difference in our business. By centralizing our sales and inventory data, Fuse has given me the ability to make better data-driven decisions.
— Stacy Corona, Operations at LOLA

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