Next generation inventory planning for growing retailers.

Centralize your data to seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues.

Centralize Data

Centralize your sales, inventory, and procurement data in one easy-to-use interface

Visualize your sales, forecast and inventory levels in our beautiful charts

Forecast Demand

Forecast demand at the touch of a button using Fuse’s proprietary algorithm.

Plan your inventory with our sophisticated planning software

Plan Inventory

Seamlessly translate your forecast into an inventory buy and replenishment plan

We work with your existing systems.



Our CEO, Anna Tolmach, leads all of our sales, marketing and finance efforts.

Anna Tolmach
Co-founder and CEO

Anna is passionate about e-commerce and was inspired to start Fuse when she found that many of the growing businesses she loved were using Excel and Google Sheets to manage their inventory. 

Anna has an MBA from Stanford's Graduate School of Business. She was a Marketer at Getty Images and an Investor at the Carlyle Group before earning her MBA at Stanford.

George So

George So
VP of business Dev

George is passionate about helping innovative brands break the status quo. He has spent his career leading sales and business development at fast growth B2B2C companies, driving tens of millions of dollars in sales and partnerships. George grew his previous SaaS company to Series B selling into brands. 

Prior to Fuse, George was at NerdWallet, Pixlee, and Simply Hired.

Our COO, Rachel Liaw, is an experienced supply chain professional

Rachel Liaw
Co-founder and COO

Rachel is passionate about efficiency. Before co-founding Fuse, Rachel worked in operations roles managing the whole supply chain. After struggling with Excel and Google Sheets for years, she decided it was time to build something better.

Rachel has a BA from Stanford. She worked as an Operations Manager at Kiwi Crate and the Chief Strategy Officer of Parasol Co.

Allie Charvat

Allie Charvat
Customer success

Allie loves building relationships that are genuine and productive. She has over eight years of experience supporting customers at B2B companies and leading customer support for e-commerce startups. After seeing first-hand the toll that overstocks and stockouts had on e-commerce companies, she was excited to join a team solving the problem.

Prior to Fuse, Allie was at Parasol Co and Livie & Luca. 

Our CTO, Bridget Vuong, has fantastic experience building new products

Bridget Vuong
Co-founder and CTO

Bridget is passionate about solving hard problems. After seeing how much money companies were losing due to inaccurate inventory forecasting, Bridget was inspired to join Rachel and Anna to tackle the problem head on. 

Bridget has a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Computer Science from Stanford. She worked at Google as a Developer on Waze.


Jason Chen
Lead Engineer

Jason loves creating enterprise SaaS visualization tools that help companies analyze their business and make better decisions for the company. Prior to Fuse, he spent five years as a developer at Tableau, so he brings with him a deep knowledge of how beautiful visuals can lead to better businesses.

Jason has a CS Masters from Stanford and joined Fuse in April 2017.


Thomas Hu
Senior Engineer

Tom is passionate about building stronger relationships through technology.  Before joining Fuse, Tom worked in venture capital on engineering and investor relations teams.  He has also spent six years as a developer in the cybersecurity and e-commerce spaces.

Tom has a BS in computer science and engineering from MIT and joined Fuse in 2017.

Dan McCormick

Dan loves connecting business with valuable products & services. Dan worked for a startup that provided students with professional experiences outside of traditional internships. He was also a financial consultant in higher education & consumer products distribution. 

Dan graduated from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business with a BS in Finance.